From a small band to a large orchestra

It was the year 1902, exactly on the 1st of May. At that time, music enthusiasts, railroad workers in Zidan Most, established a railroad track. In its 120-year history, Slovenian Railways Wind Orchestra has repeatedly replaced the name, but nevertheless, it has always remained strongly linked to the railroad. Slovenian Railways Wind Orchestra, as we know it today, is the only one left of what used to be a number of railroad orchestras.

Orchestra History

Since its inception, the conductor rod has been used by eleven conductors, since 1999 by Franci Lipovšek. Under his leadership, the orchestra started to develop and participate in competitions, and thus began to increase the quality and complexity of the music they play. Slovenian Railways Wind Orchestra is the only orchestra in Slovenia for the time being, which in the competitions of the Union of Slovenian Bands managed to get from the lowest to the highest quality group in just five years. With its energy and dedication to music and 80 active members orchestra has succeed in international competitions. In recent years, the average age of the orchestra has dropped significantly and is only a little over 20 years. Primary school pupils, students, employees of various profiles, pensioners and also the oldest active player in Slovenia, the 95-year-old retired railroadman Rudolf Glavač, is playing in the orchestra. In addition to many academically educated musicians, in the band, most members play completely amateurish.

Orchestra today

They successfully perform at various cultural events at home and abroad. They represent the Slovenian Railways and our country and its rich cultural heritage whene touring and performing in USA, Canada, Spain, Macedonia, Germany, France, Croatia, last year also in Australia and New Zealand, and this year an excellent performance and representation of Slovenia in Turkey at the international festival in Antalya, where, together with the majorettes from Radeče, they also presented themselves in the show program. "Godba" has great plans, while musicians and musicians remain humble, devoted to creating music, and look forward to the opportunity to prove their value to the audience and to themselves.

Throughout their history, the musicians realized how a successful band with eighty members, an excellent conductor and true friendship can grow out of a small 21-member orchestra in to a successful orchestra with eighty members, excellent conductor and true friendship

Slovenian Railways Wind Orchestra.